Next-Gen Xbox Avatars Are Here for Insiders

Joanna Estrada
June 19, 2018

"The new Xbox Avatars are built from the ground up in to enable an unprecedented amount of inclusive customization options, and we will continue to grow these selections over time", explains Bradley Rossetti, Microsoft's Xbox Insider Team Lead.

At last year's E3, Microsoft announced that they would be revamping their avatar system for the Xbox One systems. The goal of the new system is to make the avatars much more representative, showcasing not just our style and tastes, but also our body types, disabilities, and genders. The dashboard integration for the new avatars doesn't yet exist, so preview members will only be able to customise their avatars in the editor for now and won't be able to display them immediately on the dashboard. There will be a variety of new categories, such as fingernails, makeup, limbs, nose rings, and moods. Microsoft's next-gen Avatar system includes a ton of diverse options, with props and customization options for amputees, as well as 16 million color options. Fortunately, your recently used colors will be saved so you can reuse them. Players will still be able to use their avatars to create their ideal Gamerpic.

Xbox Insiders will be able to access the new feature from 12pm PDT/8pm BST on June 19. You'll also be able to pause your avatar mid-pose or go frame-by-frame to select the ideal moment to capture. You'll be able to pick the exact frame of an avatar's animation to get the facial expression and positioning that you want.

"Thanks to the powerful new Avatar Editor app, virtually every aspect of your avatar can be personalized on-the-fly". Once the editor launches to the general public at an unknown date in the future, more avatar content will be added "regularly".

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