ER doctor seen mocking, cursing at patient suspended

Henrietta Strickland
June 19, 2018

The young man's father, Donald Bardwell, posted the video on Facebook on Tuesday, where it appears that Keegstra was mocking both father and son, and referring to Samuel as the "least sick of all the people who are here who are dying". "I don't understand, you are breathing just fine", Keegstra said in the video, laughing. "Come on, sit up!"

In the video, Bardwell is heard telling the doctor that Samuel had vomited and "was going in an out of consciousness" during the episode.

"You want us to wheel you to your house in the gurney?" the doctor quips, before laughing at Bardwell as he says it's hard for him to inhale. He must be dead.

She then asked Bardwell mockingly, "Are you dead, sir?"

Samuel Bardwell said he received this treatment after waiting three hours to see a doctor. "He is breathing perfectly normal", she says, and attributes his complaints of pain to his workout at basketball practice.

It ends with her accusing Samuel Bardwell of changing his story and using an expletive at him. "Is that what you need?" The mistreatment is obviously about race because she wouldn't be allowed to treat all patients like that, the father added.

The 20-year-old college student had not picked up his latest prescription, the dad said.

"In my mind, I don't think she should be practicing medicine at all", Bardwell's father, Donald Bardwell, told ABC News' "Good Morning America". "You have changed your story every f--ing time". She then left the room, saying, "Put an IV in him, give him a liter fluid and we'll get him out of here".

As of Sunday, the viral video has gotten more than 4 million views.

"This is how they treat black people in Los Gatos emergency room", Donald Bardwell wrote in his Facebook post.

"This week, a patient who visited the emergency department at our Los Gatos campus had an interaction with a physician whose demeanor was unprofessional and not the standard we require of all who provide care through El Camino Hospital", the statement reads. Keegstra has been a practicing physician for 31 years.

"We have expressed our honest apologies and are working directly with the patient on this matter". He said the doctor "has been removed from the work schedule, pending further investigation", and the hospital has "expressed our honest apologies and are working directly with the patient on this matter".

Keegstra, who according to a press release worked for a company contracted by the hospital, counters with skepticism. But his injuries were apparently laughable to Keegstra who mocked the man for his anxiety attacks.

"We are saddened that a patient in our care was affected by this behavior and are working to ensure this never happens again", Vituity spokeswoman Allison Kundu said in an email to the publication.

"We are conducting a thorough investigation into the matter".

Talking about what happened when father and son encountered Beth Keegstra, the elder Bardwell alleged that the ER doctor didn't bother to introduce herself when she entered, nor did she ask Samuel for his name. "She was rambling on so angrily, [and] that's why I pulled out my phone". Keegstra couldn't be reached for comment Sunday.

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