John Boyega Has A Message For Bigoted Star Wars Fans

Lawrence Kim
June 14, 2018

"The 74-year-old billionaire said: "[The next three Star Wars film] were going to get into a macrobiotic world".

So, George Lucas wanted to explore the role of the creatures called Whills and how they feed off the Force and control it. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm with the intention of making a lot more Star Wars movies, Lucas opted out of having creative control over the films and chose to rather instead just take the many billions and not do much.

Now, to rile up those nasty, close-minded idiots, Stephen Colbert has "partnered with Lucasfilm" to remix a unique, brand-new Star Wars trailer for Episode IX, created to rile these trolls who think the franchise exists only for them.

There are many things that rile up Star Wars fans about George Lucas' prequels, but perhaps the intense criticism can be summed up in five syllables: midi-chlorians. Lucas had hoped to use the Journal as a plot device to connect the Star Wars galaxy to our own world, but that idea was later scrapped.

A better or worse idea than Jar Jar Binks
A better or worse idea than Jar Jar Binks

But Lucas also predicted that his idea wouldn't have been popular with fans seeing how fans reacted to his addition of midi-chlorians as a way to measure a person's Force potential in the prequel trilogy.

The British actor, who plays Flinn in the franchise's new trilogy, has had enough of supposed fans criticising new characters from the last film, Star Wars:The Last Jedi, so he let them have it on Twitter. But for now, fans can at least start theorizing with this little peek into the Star Wars that could have been. Initially, Star Wars was meant to be a story that was told as if it was contained in a collection of stories called The Journal of the Whills. LucasFilm has already brought back The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson to develop a brand new trilogy focusing on new characters that aren't connected to the Skywalker saga at all, but if that isn't successful, it will be interesting to see if LucasFilm ever circles back to its original creator.

The midi-chlorians comment is mentioned as part of a larger conversation about AI and religion within the context of Star Wars. Adding the idea of microbiology and these creatures we don't understand or know anything about just feels like one step too far.

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