Trump's top economic adviser accuses Trudeau of 'backstabbing'

Elias Hubbard
June 14, 2018

But of course Mr. Trudeau knows. "We just shook hands!'" Trump said Tuesday. On Twitter he accused Trudeau of "false statements" and wrote that he had ordered his aides to withdraw US endorsement of the joint communique. They don't get to forget about that, because it's a big part of the job.

Yet, Mrs May insisted the United Kingdom "fully intends to honour the commitments" made at the G7, in spite of Mr Trump's withdrawal from the communique. He was asked why he was jeopardizing relations with long-standing allies like Canada while welcoming a historical US enemy with open arms as a friend.

Trump had made similar remarks late Saturday, accusing the Canadian leader of acting "meek and mild" during talks, before ther press conference. Dairy farmers, who number about 11,000, have an outsized influence in Canadian politics, being concentrated in the vote-rich provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Trump addressed the feud following his meetings with Kim in Singapore at a more than hour-long press conference.

The U.S. President ratcheted up the Canuck-baiting Tuesday. Trump's chief trade adviser, Peter Navarro, acknowledged an error in asserting "there's a special place in hell" for Trudeau, whom he accused Sunday of bad faith diplomacy and stabbing Trump in the back after he departed early from the G7 summit in Quebec.

Both aides accused Trudeau of betraying Trump, a Republican, at a news conference held after the USA president had departed Canada.

Navarro's willingness to walk back his outburst marked a departure from the Trump administration's never-say-you're-sorry approach to political crises.

Now with Trump piling in with his own attempt to humiliate the Canadian leader, the Globe and Mail newspaper said the USA leader's comments "couldn't have been better measured to raise Canadians' national sense of injustice".

The prime minister gave some hint of the tensions on show at the gathering in Canada last week as she revealed leaders expressed "deep disappointment" at the USA president's decision to slap tariffs on steel and aluminium imports. "According to a Canada release, they make nearly 100 Billion Dollars in Trade with US (guess they were bragging and got caught!)". His advisers took to the Sunday shows to pound Trudeau for his grand "betrayal".

Earlier today, Trudeau cheered Trump's bid to broker a deal to rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons, but he stayed mum on the US administration's persistent trash talk. He forced the Canadian PM to react. We protect Europe (which is good) at great financial loss, and then get unfairly clobbered on Trade.

Canada reacted coolly to the apology, with Trudeau declining to answer when reporters asked him whether he accepted it. The motion acknowledges the close and mutually beneficial relationship between Canada and the United States, but says they "strongly oppose" the "illegitimate tariffs" now imposed by our southern neighbours.

When it came time for Mr. Trudeau's own G7 news conference, the question was always going to be about whether he'd back off retaliatory tariffs. It's just obvious Canadian politics.

"From Day 1 (of NAFTA negotiations), we have said that we expected moments of drama and that we would remain, we would keep calm and carry on through those moments of drama", Freeland said. "But here's the key point, Margaret, [the] president is going to negotiate with Kim of North Korea and Singapore".

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