Trump, Kim accept mutual invitations to visit each other's countries

Elias Hubbard
June 13, 2018

India was the only country besides the US, South Korea and Singapore whose ministers (minister of state for external affairs VK Singh from India) visited North Korea after Trump and Kim announced that they would hold the summit to seek peace in peninsula.

President Donald Trump sold his nuclear agreement with North Korea on Tuesday as different from - and better than - any that's gone before.

Trump downplayed Beijing's role in the denuclearization process. They discussed Singapore-North Korea relations and developments on the Korean peninsula amidst Kim thanking the Singaporean premier for hosting the summit.

"The President has raised a whole range of other issues in his press conference but I think it's too early to say that anything like suspension for suspension has occurred".

Xi's pre-summit meetings with Kim helped restore ties that had been frosty since both leaders took power around the same time about six years ago. The neighbors, which fought together during the Korean War, had grown apart past year after China backed United Nations sanctions crimping North Korea's energy imports and sources of foreign cash to pressure it to halt its nuclear and missile tests. Neither the US nor the South Korean government would confirm that the Trump administration warned President Moon Jae-in ahead of time about the decision to suspend exercises.

The 1994 deal included detailed commitments from North Korea to close plutonium-producing nuclear reactors and secure spent fuel rods, so they couldn't be turned into weapons grade fuel. -South Korea military exercises and ease crippling sanctions against Pyongyang, suggesting via state media that the American leader had explicitly acceded to two of the nuclear-armed nation's top goals during an "epoch-making" summit a day earlier. Both leaders had initially planned to leave the country on Wednesday.

Mr Trump's new position appears to adopt a "freeze for freeze" policy advanced by China under which North Korea suspends it nuclear weapons testing in return for the USA concession.

"An audience of one", the official added.

South Korea, meanwhile, appeared to have been blindsided by Trump's change of heart on war games. Trump, it added, had expressed his "understanding" of the stance and had conveyed "his intention to halt" the exercises. When asked why, Trump said on Tuesday: "Because there's no time".

The US stations around 30,000 troops in security ally South Korea to protect it from its neighbor, which invaded in 1950 in an attempt to reunify the peninsula by force.

It was not immediately clear what specific progress, if any, had been made in preliminary discussions between U.S. and North Korean officials.

Trump rejected the idea that the US was the loser in the talks.

There was little else mention of denuclearization of North Korea in the statement, which mainly focused on stopping hostilities between North Korea and the United States. Trump described the drills as "provocative" and "inappropriate". "China of course supports it". "I don't want to do war". Any instability - or alternatively, a deal that leads to a US -aligned unified Korea - potentially could put American troops on its border.

Trump said Tuesday that he would invite Kim to the White House at an "appropriate time".

But soon after the announcement, China was already hinting at the prospect of sanctions relief. "I said, I have something to say from North Korea".

"Sanctions are a means, not an end", Geng said.

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