SpaceX planning major expansion at Kennedy Space Center

James Marshall
June 13, 2018

Elon Musk, founder, CEO and lead designer at SpaceX.

"This action is needed in order to increase the effective and cost efficient operation of space flight by providing Space X with facilities to support staff in planning, processing, and operating launches as part of their current returnable, re-usable space vehicles program (Falcon 9 and the Falcon Heavy), which is already in place at launch complexes on (Kennedy Space Center) and (the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station), SpaceX's environmental review document said".

As per reports by Florida Today, a draft has been published by NASA to facilitate this expansion of operations.

The new SpaceX Operations Area would be built on 67 undeveloped acres on Kennedy land off Roberts Road.

SpaceX wants to build a 133,000-square-foot Falcon hangar to process the used boosters and other rocket materials that it recovers.

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Florida Today reported that the most noticeable feature in the expansion would be a 32,000-square-foot tower standing up to 300 feet tall, which would house a "world-class, architecturally distinctive" launch and landing control center. SpaceX makes such a case in its proposal. The "world-class, architecturally distinctive" control tower would be used primarily to monitor launches and landings, but its towering imagery on the Cape Canaveral horizon would no doubt assert SpaceX's dominance as the most influential private-sector player that is now working with NASA.

SpaceX and NASA are getting serious. The plans, however, mark yet another attempt on SpaceX's part to continue establishing itself in the space travel industry, as the company raised over $500 million and got the green light to construct a California facility to manufacture reusable Big Falcon Rockets for potential Martian travel, according to Business Insider. This shall be taken as the dramatic testimony of the SpaceX's dominance in space exploration.

SpaceX is hoping to initiate about 30 orbital launches by 2018, a record for any country on the number of missions and that too by a single company alone.

The environmental review document says the objective of the expansion is to help support SpaceX's mission in developing a "local, efficient, and reusable launch vehicle program" with Falcon Heavy, right now the world's most powerful rocket.

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