Feds to curb plastic use?

Marco Green
June 12, 2018

The long-term aim, according to Shekar, is to increase the monetary value of collected plastic waste by increasing the adoption of recycled plastic among brands and companies that use it the most. Not only land sites but the oceans have also become major dumping sites for this waste.

The World Bank estimated that each of the 260 million Indonesian people was responsible for 0.8-1 kilogram of plastic waste a year. "If tied together, all these plastic bags could be wrapped around the world seven times every hour". Because of its convenience in goods packaging, versatility and low cost, we use plastic extensively in our daily lives. Animals can not break down plastic in their digestive system and will usually die from the obstruction.

The Commissioner who was represented by the Special Adviser to the Governor on the Environment, Mr. Babatunde Hunpe said "Plastic Pollutants create serious environmental and health hazards by threatening marine lives". All the problems related to environment are indeed a global issue.

While PEI would be the first Canadian province to ban single-use plastics, other Canadian cities and retailers have already taken initiative.

Ms. Joyce Ahiadorme, the Public Affairs and Communication Manager of Voltic, said plastic management was a shared responsibility and as a result, the management of Voltic Limited has made a decision to reach out to communities, starting from the Ga North Municipality to sensitize and educate people on the need to recycle plastic waste in their environment.

Meanwhile, Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Babatunde Durosinmi-Etti, said the World Environment Day celebration offered the opportunity to rededicate national efforts to the sustainable development of the environment. From remote islands, to the Arctic, nowhere is untouched.

Among many other issues debated at the G7 summit this weekend, there was also the problem of plastic waste in the world's oceans. Marine litter is estimated to cause as much as a 70 million economic loss to the European Union fishing fleet because of reduced catch and damage to vessels, while polluted beaches can discourage tourists with consequent job losses in the sector. It affects plants, animals and human beings. It also clogs drains that could result in deluges. The landfill dumping sites of plastic can interact with underground water causing poisoning of groundwater.

The Power Shift Environmental Summit was also used to remember the works of the late Akua Akyaa Nkrumah of the Green Ghanaian Initiative (GGI); an environmental technologist who passed on a year ago and did incredible work in the environmental space through various campaigns and initiatives aimed at recycling and effective waste management. But the day to beat plastic pollution, as a matter of fact, is every day.

Plastics account for 95 percent of the waste in the open sea, on the seabed and on beaches across the Mediterranean, said the new report. What's more, recycled plastics now account for only six percent of plastics demand in Europe. In order to control any environmental hazard, it is integral that all members of the society play their part. The small acts of protecting our environment will have far reaching impacts for the future generations to come. Professor and Head of Botany Department at Panjab University, Amrik Singh Ahluwalia, told The Statesman that they have planned various activities to spread awareness to protect the environment.

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