Congress skeptical of Trump's G7 strategy

Elias Hubbard
June 12, 2018

Trump and his deputies lashed out at Trudeau for telling a news conference at the end of the G7 conference that Canada would not be pushed around on tariffs - a point the Canadian prime minister had made several times before.

In a tweet posted Saturday evening, Trump said his decision to rescind support for the statement was based on "false statements" made by Trudeau during a press conference he gave, as well as "the fact that Canada is charging massive Tariffs" on USA companies. The president also repeated claims that Canada overtaxes American dairy products under its supply management system and complained about Canadian automobiles flooding the USA market. In the course of discussion, a compromise was reached, with the final wording speaking about commitment to "modernize the WTO to make it more fair as soon as possible". During the press conference, Trudeau called the meeting a success but pledged to retaliate against American tariffs.

Michael Hayden, the former CIA Director under President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama, blasted President Trump Monday as "unstable" following his actions at the G7 summit in Canada this weekend.

Members were throwing their weight behind the prime minister, who was taking a personal day on Monday, after a particularly prickly weekend with the US administration.

Drew Liquerman, a Republicans Overseas Spokesperson told BBC Daily Politics' presenter Jo Coburn: "I think this is the only language the European Union will understand". The points of Trump's contention: a declaration on climate change that referenced the Paris Accord, which Trump pulled out of previous year; and an agreement on decreasing ocean pollution, specifically targeting the plastic industry.

She said that the European countries will not be "taken advantage of" in terms of trade and that they would "act" against the USA trade measures, which are considered as going against the World Trade Organization's rules.

"So, my question is, how meaningful is this consensus if the president is making these kinds of threats on his way out of town?". And we charge nothing, ' Trump said.

"Yeah, I think that's certainly possible", says Packard.

All he did was stand up for his country as any leader would have and should have. "We must put the American worker first!"

"I STRONGLY support trans-Atlantic alliance & wish @POTUS would have dealt with #China before turning to trade with allies". You can see that his eyebrows have always been uneven.

The prize for Trump is that some automakers might shift production to the avoid tariffs.

In Ontario, home to many auto plants that would be hit by United States tariffs, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer warned that NAFTA and the cause of free trade itself is now at stake.

At his closing G7 news conference, Trudeau once again refers to the national-security premise behind the tariffs as "kind of insulting" and then explains Canada's retaliation - "I have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing, but it is something that we absolutely will do because Canadians are polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around".

"There's a lot of concern being expressed about where this might go", Easter said as he entered the House of Commons.

TAPPER: So, this was about North Korea?

Trump's attacks have Canadian businesses that use aluminum and steel very anxious, said Ontario Conservative MP John Brassard, who added that there is real concern that there will be serious job implications in very short order.

Kudlow said, "That's correct. Least of all from subordinates of the president directed at the prime minister of their greatest friend and ally", he said. "@realdonaldtrump announces new tariffs on fake eyebrows!"

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