Korean tourist survives six days in Queensland bush with no food

Elias Hubbard
June 8, 2018

Queensland Ambulance Services flight paramedic Hannah Gaulke said Ms Han was taking photos of the view from the mountain's top before slipping and falling unconscious for hours.

"When she came to, she was quite disoriented and unable to get her bearings and from then she managed to crawl and scrape her way through the bushland which was really tough terrain and eventually ended up on this slippery, rocky waterfall", she told ABC.

"From the helicopter, our rescue crew officers performed a winch down to her to secure her - it was about a 60ft winch and they've brought her up to the helicopter where I've taken over care of her and done an assessment", Ms Gaulke added.

"She couldn't actually proceed any further and she had no way to get back out and that's where she stayed for days", she said.

"(Her) surviving is a miracle, I can tell you", he said.

Ms Han is described as 145 centimetres tall with shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes, and wears glasses.

She was found in a narrow ravine next to a waterfall, dehydrated and suffering exposure, about 12.15pm on Thursday by a contingent of soldiers and police.

I mean heck, I'm Scottish - we've got mountains all the time, but that thing can be pretty unsafe.

On Friday Han was recuperating in Tully hospital, where she was treated for dehydration and minor scratches.

"It's nearly a miracle, what's actually happened. she's built like a garden gnome".

Police say she was helped by her raincoat, which helped keep her warm until she was able to alert the search helicopter.

"From all the data that is known, and from even the data the police have, this is a first for someone in these conditions, where temperatures overnight had dropped below 10", she said. I was hoping for the best but was preparing for the worst, ' Mr Strathie said.

'After six days with the helicopter going round.

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