Dauntless open beta is now live

Joanna Estrada
Мая 28, 2018

Equipped with powerful armor and weapons, Slayers will join up with others and adventure across the Shattered Isles to battle Behemoths together.

Players take on the role of Slayers. Basically, players (or Slayers) are thrown into a shattered world and tasked with hunting down the creatures that caused its destruction, namely Behemoths. Slayers will explore an ever-changing frontier, brimming with verdant flora and unique wildlife. The most immediate difference is that Dauntless is free-to-play, and now available on PC (Monster Hunter: World is due to arrive on PC later this year).

The game has been closed beta for around nine months so hopefully it won't be to rough round the edges and you can read our hands on with the game here. Evergame features even more challenging Behemoths and hunt modifiers, as well as better loot.

Phoenix Labs is committed to expanding the world of Dauntless for years to come.

The game is now available to download from the Dauntless website and you can join the action hunting down monsters, crafting weapons and other tools to aid the slaying. We will be continually adding content and updates to Dauntless and incorporating feedback from our passionate community. No two encounters are alike - each brings its own unique challenges and rewards.

Developer Phoenix Labs, which consists of industry veterans from Riot Games, BioWare and Capcom, have announced that their Monster Hunter-inspired game, Dauntless, is getting an open beta. Phoenix Labs plans on supporting the game with new expansions, adventures, and Bethemoths for years to come.

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