SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Melted This NASA Photographer’s Camera

James Marshall
May 26, 2018

But Ingalls is an experienced NASA photographer, and he had set this particular shooter at a safe distance away from the rocket's fury. The device, which was set up remotely, was scorched beyond fix at this week's SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch, but not before it had captured a couple of snaps.

Surprisingly, some of the shots captured before the camera's fiery demise survived, such as this fantastic scene of the take-off of the SpaceX Falcon 9.

One of Ingalls's cameras, a Canon 5D worth several thousands of dollars, was burned to a crisp as a result of the Falcon launch.

Ingalls noted that it wasn't his proximity to the launch pad that was responsible for the fire. "This was result of a small brush fire, which is not unheard of from launches, and was extinguished by fireman, albeit, after my cam was baked".

But it wasn't all a loss for Ingalls - aside from his other cameras managing to get pictures, the crispy Canon did manage to get one good image of the launch.

Surprisingly enough, Ingalls had four other cameras that were much closer to the launchpad that manage to survive the launch. It's the first camera he has lost during a launch, even though he's been snapping them since 1989, he told Tariq Malik at As Ingalls wrote in a Facebook post after the incident, "it made pix [sic] until it's [sic] demise".

You can see the photos from the rest of Ingalls's cameras that were not consumed by flames at NASA's Flickr page. The huge plume of fire from the rocket ignited vegetation - a common occurrence during such events - in the area where the camera was located and melted it into oblivion.

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