"Fortnite" Adds New "Playground" Practice Mode

Joanna Estrada
May 26, 2018

Without a doubt, Epic Games' reintroduction of Fortnite's popular 50v50 mode to the game's free-to-play Battle Royale portion was incredibly well-received by most fans, as it allowed them to join up with a large group of other players to take on what could be considered another huge squad of sorts. This mode sees players given a time limit (rather than a single life) to explore the game's map, build plenty of forts and kill to their heart's content.

All chests and ammo crates will be spawned into each match so you can go to your favorite locations with no worry about no loot waiting for you there.

There will also be a ton of llamas.for some reason. A new mode is coming in the game's next patch (4.3) that finally offers a chance to spend some time practicing. The post highlights the fact that statistics and challenges will not be tracked in Playground mode.

Besides Playground mode, Epic is working on a number of improvements to the game's replay system in preparation for the celebrity pro-am tournament taking place next month during E3. Players that use controllers have some great plans to look forward to, one of the limited time modes may become permanent, and a new free-roam mode is opening the door for a potential creative mode for Fortnite. New camera features will let spectators orbit around any point of their choosing. The camera will also automatically track the action by focusing on a group of players instead of one person. Player nameplates won't overlap whenever possible, and Epic wants to add an x-ray view for when players enter buildings.

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