Man punches deaf pregnant woman after flight from Colorado Springs to Orlando

Ruben Hill
May 21, 2018

A plane passenger allegedly punched a deaf pregnant woman in her stomach during an altercation that started with a complaint about her family's service dog, police in Florida said. A nearby passenger, Timothy Manley, reportedly punched the Great Dane with his fist, which caused the dog to "yelp" and then hide under a seat, according to officials.

Silvay's fiancee, Hazel Ramirez, said he became upset and "yelled at the man to tell him, 'Never touch any dogs or service animals, '" she said, echoing what her husband allegedly told Manley in sign language and some words.

When the plane landed, Silvay and Ramirez gave statements to police while Manley is said to have walked past officers.

Manley then punched the service dog, Zariel.

Ramirez told WKMG the service dog slept through the duration of the flight, then woke up and stretched when the plane landed.

The wife had complained about a dog allergy previously. The 21-year-old woman has said she is willing to testify against Manley.

Hazel Ramirez and her husband, Matt Silva, are both deaf.

The argument escalated in the aisle and spilled into the gangway and terminal of the Orlando International Airport.

"I saw a woman, I couldn't really understand what she was saying", he said. In the footage, a man can be seen chasing another person. Before authorities arrived, Manley punched Ramirez in the stomach and Silva tackled Manley to try to prevent him from evading police, according to the report. Despite being at fault, Manley continued his obnoxious behavior, telling the police, "It took you all long enough to get here", according to the report.

Manley's wife told WFTV that the way Silvay was acting made it seem like he was trying to hold them hostage.

Ramirez has indicated she wishes to press charges.

Because the altercation happened on a plane, the incident was handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating, Michelle Guido, a Orlando Police Department spokeswoman, told the Sentinel.

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