Google pushes harder for HTTPS with new security notifications for Chrome

Joanna Estrada
May 18, 2018

Website owners migrated from the HTTP protocol to the much-safer standard HTTPS after Google repeatedly threatened to tag their pages as not secure.

Google announced that it will remove Chrome's "secure" badge from HTTPS pages' address bar since the default security status for this type of pages will be secure. Luckily, it seems like Google has managed to convince web developers that going with HTTPS is the right thing to do because Google's reports are showing that more than 82% of all Chrome pages in the U.S. are loaded via HTTPS instead of HTTP. You'll just have to get used to looking at the address bar and making sure it doesn't have Chrome's negative indicators. "We recently hit a milestone with more than half of Chrome desktop page loads now served over HTTPS".

Google has announced it will be labelling all HTTP sites as "not secure" with the release of Chrome 68. Things will then be taken a step further in October with the release of Chrome 70, when the browser will begin to flash a red "Not secure" warning as soon as a user begins to enter data on HTTP pages.

Google Removes HTTPS Indicator
Image Chromium Blog

Since most traffic is HTTPS anyway, it's not necessary to draw the user's attention to the "Secure" indicator anymore.

Now over 68% of Chrome traffic on Android and Windows is protected while over 78% is encrypted on Chrome OS and Mac. The "secure" label will be phased out starting in September, with the rollout of the Chrome 69 version. Instead of a subtle grey notification in the address bar, non-HTTPS sites will be flagged up with a bright red warning triangle - the same one it now uses if there's a problem with a site's security certificate.

"HTTPS is easier and cheaper than ever before, and it unlocks both performance improvements and powerful new features that are too sensitive for HTTP". Google is reportedly working on other security changes in the meantime.

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