Bill Gates Spills The Beans On Donald Trump

Henrietta Strickland
May 18, 2018

Um, YEAH! If Trump doesn't know the difference between HPV and HIV, can you imagine how many other things the president would have needed to be schooled about? Gates is speaking at some sort of event in the video, and the audience bursts into laughter.

"I'll take his framework and explain why things like health security and continued foreign aid, even in that narrow framework, where you give no credit for saving lives in Africa, kind of pure humanitarian things, even without that, this is money well spent", Gates told the outlet. A new clip of Gates talking about his first two meetings with Trump, obtained by MSNBC, may show why the tech innovator turned down the role. HPV refers to the human papillomavirus, which can cause genital warts and cancer. "So clearly he had been driven away, and he wanted to make a grand entrance in a helicopter".

Gates also revealed a how he and wife Melinda were creeped out by Trump seeming to be a little too attentive to their 22-year-old daughter Jennifer's looks.

Gates said on both occasions that Trump had also asked him what he though about vaccines. "So, I was able to explain that those are rarely confused with each other", said Gates.

Trump also invited Gates to the White House in March 2017 to discuss whether he should consider forming a commission to look into his belief that vaccines cause autism. Gates also described how freaky it sounded when the president referred to himself in the third person in one of the meetings.

"In both of those two meetings, he asked me if vaccines weren't a bad thing", Gates said, adding he advised him dump the idea and embrace science and innovation. That would be a bad thing.

We all know Donald Trump says a lot of stupid shit.

In an interview last month with STAT News, Gates talked about meeting with Trump in March and bringing up the need for a White House science adviser. The businessman said that he thought the role wouldn't have been a good use of his time.

Gates said he wasn't sure if Trump was serious or if he was just "being friendly", but he turned down the offer.

Maybe Donald Trump isn't actually the "stable genius" he claims to be, as he certainly isn't the latter.

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