Listen to 'Win', a Jay Rock record for champions

Elias Hubbard
May 17, 2018

Rock returned on Wednesday (May 16) with his new triumphant single "Win" and while he takes the lead on this one, his right-hand-man Kendrick, who ad-libs and is credited on the track as a co-writer, isn't too far behind. Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Sir, and Lance SkiiWalker will all be on the bill together this summer. The hip-hop artist has released a much-needed new single. The song is said to be featured on Rock's next album as well.

"F*ck n*ggas don't stay outside when I play outside/I put the beats on, I'm like Dre outside/I got the Bay outside, and L.A. outside/And if you act bad, I'll bring the K outside/Go and get your money, bitch, none of my n*ggas on some amusing sh*t//I can tell real by who you runnin' with/I'm all in the field, duck huntin' sh*t", Jay Rock spits with power. "I was just healing up, and when I healed up, I just locked in the studio".

Jay Rock's next album will be his first since his 2015 album 90056 which gave us tracks like "Vice City" and "Easy Bake". Staying away from mumble rap styles, Jay Rock continues to rap with clarity.

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