Google Wifi can now test the speed of all connected devices

James Marshall
Мая 17, 2018

While it's good to get an overall network connection speed, they've chose to add the option to test the connection speed of individual devices.

Network Check: Test the speed to any wireless device on your network.

In the next few weeks, you'll be able to use the Google Wifi app to check the connection of any device that's plugged into your network, be it your Amazon Echo, smart TV, or other IoT device.

Now in an update to Google WiFi, Google has announced a new feature for it in the form of Network Check. The UI is not the same as the existing speed test-it's a popup on the same info screen.

This approach is helpful if you're trying to troubleshoot a specific area in your home or office, but not a particular device.

A new update is rolling out to the app that will probably make this feature better, allowing the Network Check feature to check connectivity and bandwidth of every device connected to your Google Wifi.

Once the test completes, results are broken down by which devices are connected to each access point. "You can either move the device itself for a stronger connection".

In a post Google explains, 'Knowing Wi-Fi coverage is poor in an area of your home can help you pinpoint the exact bottleneck when you notice a connectivity slowdown. However, I updated the iOS version of the Google Wifi app on Tuesday and gained access to the new Network Check tool.

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