Doctors say high blood pressure screening can save your life

Henrietta Strickland
May 17, 2018

From 2013 to 2018, the theme of the World Hypertension Day or the WHD has been "Know Your Numbers" - that indicates the meaning of knowing what your blood pressure is, in that way spreading awareness on abnormally high blood pressure and arterial blood pressure.

After looking at more than 55,000 women and more than 18,000 men who all had high blood pressure the researchers found that a higher intake of yogurt, which was more than two servings a week, was associated with a 30 percent reduction in the risk of heart attack among women and a 19 percent reduction in men, compared to those who ate one serving of yogurt a month. It kills 8 million people every year worldwide and is a leading risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, foetal and maternal death in pregnancy, dementia and renal failure.

Hypertension is a condition in which the blood vessels have persistently raised pressure. Normal adult blood pressure is 120 mm Hg1 when the heart beats (systolic) and about 80 mm Hg when the heart relaxes (diastolic).

If you have extremely high blood pressure, you may become aware of some symptoms. The reports state that incidence of high blood pressure has increased from 23 per cent to 42 per cent in the urban NCR population and 11 per cent to 28 per cent in rural NCR. But, people often ignore the need for regular check up and visit a doctor only when the blood pressure shoots up.

South Africa has seen an exponential growth in hypertension or high blood pressure (BP) over the past 20 years. It is advisable to focus on the lifestyle risk factors of hypertension that you can change. "I was then put on chronic treatment". "I try to control my stress levels because that shoots it up", Phillips said.

"This is despite the availability of numerous blood pressure lowering medications and is largely due to people not taking the medication because they have had side effects or worry that they will have side effects".

While Ndlala has managed to live well with the condition for over three decades, this has not been the case for some of her relatives.

While the exact causes of high blood pressure are unknown, most of us are aware of the fact that there are certain factors that can cause high blood pressure even if you do not have a family history of the condition. He can not walk, he can not talk or do anything for himself.

Don't drink: Drinking too much alcohol can raise blood pressure to unhealthy levels.

Being acutely aware of what hypertension can lead to, she has always been diligent about caring for her health.

Asians not only tend to have diets high in sodium, but they are genetically more sensitive to sodium, the researchers said.

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