Reportedly Has Suspect In Biggest CIA Leak Ever, But No Charges

Elias Hubbard
May 16, 2018

Laroche said he disagreed with Schulte's lawyer at the time, who claimed the search warrants had not yielded anything consistent with the material released by WikiLeaks.

It's unclear why Schulte has not been charged or cleared in the breach. Prosecutors say he used the program at his apartment in NY, but they haven't provided evidence that he did it to leak classified information.

Schulte has been housed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center ever since. But some privacy advocates saw an upside, saying the leaks showed investigators were relying on hacking individual suspects to find evidence of crimes, rather than using dragnet surveillance techniques that scoop up information on everyone's online activities.

In August past year, authorities filed child pornography charges against Schulte, who is in a jail in Manhattan, after claiming to have found 10,000 illicit images on a server that he had set up in 2009 while studying at the University of Texas in Austin. He's pleaded not guilty to those charges. Schulte's attorney didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Schulte worked in the CIA's Engineering Development Group, which produced the computer code, according to people with knowledge of his employment history as well as the group's role in developing cyberweapons.

Schulte's father, Roger, said he was scared to death. He maintained the agency targeted him because he was the only member of his team to leave the agency after reporting "incompetent management" to the CIA's inspector general. The documents themselves covered a period from 2013 to 2016, when Schulte had been employed at the agency.

According to the former Central Intelligence Agency engineer he had been planning a trip to Mexico with his brother around the time his apartment was searched, which may have given the appearance that he was trying to flee the country.

"Due to these unfortunate coincidences the Federal Bureau of Investigation ultimately made the snap judgment that I was guilty of the leaks and targeted me", Schulte said.

Since he's been jailed, Schulte has created a Facebook page where he posts articles criticizing the criminal justice system. Following the search of his apartment in March 2017, prosecutors waited six months to bring the child pornography charges. Laroche was actually describing a "characterization" by Schulte's attorneys and expressing disagreement.

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