Nobody wants to name their kid Alexa anymore

James Marshall
May 15, 2018

"Alexa, is your name falling out of favor?" That's the route many new parents are going thanks to constant confusion from Amazon's home AI machine Alexa.

Amazon's talking speaker Echo device, which responds to the word "Alexa", came out in November of 2014 and became widely popular the following year.

According to statistics, 6,050 baby girls were named Alexa in 2015. It may be that people are bored with the names, or that they now associate the names with intelligent assistants rather than real people, or it may be that they are simply anxious that their intelligent assistants will respond every time they use their child's name and ask them a question. Thanks to the popularity of the Echo speaker, which as of November 2017 has sold 20 million units, the name Alexa is now down 33 per cent in the USA, with just 3,883 babies named Alexa in the United States in 2017.

While Alexa's popularity might be dwindling, it was ranked 65th most popular name for baby girls in the USA in 2017.

There's no hard proof that the drop-off in girls named Alexa is tied to Amazon-correlation doesn't equal causation and all that-but it's a pretty good bet the association dissuaded at least some parents from choosing the name. But in 2017, the number fell to 3,883-a drop of 36%.

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