Vine Replacement App "V2" Release Date Postponed Indefinitely

James Marshall
May 5, 2018

However, Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann has been hard at work with a new version of the app, promptly called v2, which should bring back everything fans loved about the original app, and more. Twitter ultimately shuttered the site in October 2016. Vine gave us memorable 6 second videos and sadly Twitter was not able to sustain it so it ended up being cut off and thrown into the stinking pile of former social networks.

But without millions in outside investment, it was an insurmountable task to develop the app, hosting the videos, and growing the audience, While Hofmann didn't specify, it seems Twitter wasn't happy about him using the name V2 and an nearly identical logo. In a statement released on the V2 forums today, Hofmann states his reasoning behind stopping the project.

In a message to the platform's community, Hofmann admitted that despite initially asserting Vine 2.0 would be a self-funded personal project, the overwhelming attention has ratcheted up expectations. "The interest has been extremely encouraging, but it has also created some roadblocks".

As a result, Hofmann estimates that the cost of V2 would be "way beyond" what he can personally fund. Until then, we still have hours-worth of compilation videos on YouTube. "I'd like for us to get it right". Hofmann says that while there's already code and ideas in place for the app, development can't move forward until the problem of financials can be solved. Again, this is indefinite, which means that it could take a long time.

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