'They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President'

Elias Hubbard
Апреля 23, 2018

It's from election night, when Chozick writes in Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling that it finally became clear somebody had to break the news to Clinton that she was going to lose to Donald Trump.

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick has a new book on Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election, and one anecdote in particular from it was getting attention on Friday. Chozick describes how Clinton's campaign team was distraught when they realized they were not going to win.

Clinton and company packaged that last group up and put them in a basket, a basket of deplorables. But she told Mook there was no way she could be the person to tell Clinton that she could not win the election.

The book also claimed that of the multiple candidates vying for the GOP nomination, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush reportedly concerned the Clintons the most, The Daily Beast said.

Within the early phases of the presidential race, Trump was reportedly not perceived by the marketing campaign as a menace, however reasonably as considerably of a competitor to rally behind, The Beast stated.

The New York Times reporter Amy Chozick, who is known for covering The Clinton Family, reiterated her strong support for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee, claiming she made her decision of whether or not to freeze her eggs based on the outcome of the election, she wrote. That line of pondering reportedly continued whilst he gained recognition.

According to the book, during one conversation on the subject, Clinton reportedly said, "You know, I am getting pretty exhausted of hearing about how nobody likes me". The task fell to "Robby Mook, the drained and deflated campaign manager", per an excerpt in the Times. "'They were never going to let me be president'".

"I really messed up", Clinton later told aides about that speech, according to the book. "It ridicules people with a smile, contributing little to the public discourse", one unnamed former staffer told the website.

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