Enraged By Comey Memos, Trump Defends Michael Flynn

Lawrence Kim
April 23, 2018

"Who am I to tell you about ethical leadership?" Does the Post-Dispatch believe President Trump is not unfit to be president? Before McCabe was sacked by the Justice Department this year, the president was urging his dismissal, and even urging that his employment benefits and health insurance be yanked, which actually went on to happen.

Comey has been barraged with questions on how he handled FBI investigations into possible Russian interference and collusion with the Trump campaign in the 2016 presidential election as well as into Hillary Clinton's emails. Back here on Earth, prosecutors and the rest of us are digesting fresh evidence of how severely that way of doing business has stained the White House carpets.

Until now, Comey has publicly stated that he shared the memos with top officials at the FBI, Columbia Law School professor Daniel Richman and special counsel Robert Mueller's office.

The 15 pages of documents, obtained by The Associated Press, contain new details about a series of interactions that Comey had with Mr Trump in the weeks before his May 2017 firing.

It's not clear what in the memos led the president to reach the conclusion. "This book is created to trick you into reading a leadership book", he said, noting that just three of 14 chapters are about the current president. He retains his job, despite constant talk that he could be fired, but he must walk into the building each day and wonder if it will be his last on the job. But Rosenstein came up Friday. Praised as the straightest of shooters when he was in government, and described as a career official with an impeccable reputation for integrity, Comey now has taken sides in the highest-stakes battle in the capital.

With this latest move and the Comey book media blitz, the public pretty much has the full breadth of the former director's side of the story - and, quite clearly, what he now thinks of the president's behaviour.

The memos show that "former Director Comey never wrote that he felt obstructed or threatened", according to Reps.

Details from some memos were made public in media accounts in the days after he was sacked. They buttress the testimony he gave a year ago.

Comey is entitled to his opinions about the president, but he has given his critics the opening to paint him as a partisan rather than as a law enforcement official. But returning now in his new book, A Higher Loyalty, to his handful of meetings with Trump, he deftly, sometimes comically, captures the president as the inattentive, emotionally stunted, self-focused, absent-from-any-civic-sense, absurd fellow nearly anyone who has had contact with him knows him to be.

The president has seized the opportunity. Flynn is now cooperating with Mueller's investigators. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said there are several dozen leak investigations open, though that aggressiveness is similar to that of the Obama Justice Department, which was frequently criticized by media organizations and free press advocates.

"We won't know for sure until the inspector general has concluded his investigation about what all the facts are for sure. It does damage not only to Andy McCabe individually but also to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as an institution".

"Flynn said the return call was scheduled for Saturday, which prompted a heated reply from the President that six days was not an appropriate period of time to return a call from the [redacted] of a country like [redacted]", Comey wrote of Trump's account of conversation.

In them Mr Trump also repeatedly protested his innocence to Mr Comey over allegations involving prostitutes during his visit to Russian Federation in 2013.

McCabe is bitter at the treatment from the president and his allies.

Since then the men have been locked into a bitter and public war of words.

In one of the recently uncovered messages, former Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security Gregory Starr communicated to FBI Head of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap that the State Department was getting ready to punish the people who had misplaced the sensitive messages.

Bromwich decried Trump's "continuing slander" against McCabe.

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