U.S. criticizes Russia's air defense systems

Elias Hubbard
April 21, 2018

In Hialeah, Florida, President Donald Trump repeated what his military advisors had told him since April 14: that all of the missiles fired overnight by US, United Kingdom and French forces hit their targets in Syria. "Both missiles are in a good condition the day before yesterday (April 17 - ed.) was transferred to the Russian military", - said the Agency interlocutor.

The Syrian military sent the missiles over on board a plane on Wednesday, the source added. The Russian Defense Ministry had yet to confirm the report. Syria's capital has been rocked by loud explosions that lit up the sky with heavy smoke as U.S. President Donald Trump announced airstrikes in retaliation for the country's alleged use of chemical weapons.

It was not clear whether the discovered missiles were American Tomahawks or Scalp/Storm Shadow, codenames for a cruise missile jointly developed by France and the UK.

Nonetheless, Russia and Syria claimed their missile defenses had downed 71 of the 105 USA and allied missiles fired, a bold claim considering they're only known to have fired 40 interceptors. Russian Federation did not use its own systems to intercept the missiles. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said in a briefing yesterday that the damage at the Barzeh science facility outside Damascus did not correspond with the 30 cruise missiles that the USA claimed were launched at it.

"In the repelling of the strike, a total of 112 anti-aircraft guided missiles were expended", Konashenkov said.

The Russian center for the reconciliation of conflicting parties examined Douma on April 9, two days before the purported gas attack, to find no traces of chemical weapons.

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