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Elias Hubbard
April 21, 2018

No, they're not the most appealing demographic group, but they have rights too.

A Friday, April 20 press conference at the Beach 73 Street Y in Arverne By the Sea featured a groundswell of opposition for Governor Andrew Cuomo and his policies regarding renewable energy as TV star Cynthia Nixon was on hand to pledge her commitment to take on all corporations perpetuating the distribution of fossil fuel products. "This governor seems to be fonder of helping inmates and convicted felons instead of hardworking, law-abiding citizens". At no point did Governor Cuomo say "I am a working class blue-collar American". Yet that right is regularly denied to tens of thousands of people in New York State alone, in a way that is not called for in the Constitution and is fundamentally unfair.

"As the federal government abdicates its responsibility to safeguard our environment, we must continue our bold action to reduce emissions and protect all New Yorkers, today and in the future, from the devastating effects of climate change", the governor added.

Watching mainstream Democrats err leftward in the face of popular challengers feels like a edifying rebuke to centrist orthodoxy, but it is hardly a sign of a party establishment willing to raise up its left flank.

"I'm unwilling to take "no" for an answer", he announced Wednesday in a speech to the National Action Network's annual convention. So you'd be forgiven for wondering about her political affiliation. "Had she run unopposed, or with only Martin O'Malley, she never would have learned that". It would also be unwise to overplay the willingness of those, like Cuomo, who are dedicated to realpolitik to uphold a coherent progressive platform.

The restoration of voting rights won't be automatic.

Also in the mix are a slate of new programs and incentives created to help NY achieve almost one-third of the total greenhouse gas-emission reductions it has targeted for 2030, a full five years early.

The idea is to pursue greenhouse reductions through targeted new construction, older building retrofits, the installation of efficient appliances and the expanded use of innovative technologies like next-generation heat pumps. It is, however, a positive outcome of such efforts and a reflection that establishment politicians recognize voter desire for progressive change beyond liberal centrism.

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