Oops! UK supermarket charges customer over R15,000 for banana

Marco Green
April 20, 2018

She also posted a picture of the banana on Twitter and wrote - "My online delivery arrived".

Bobbie Gordon assumed Asda had made a typo when they emailed her to say the 11p piece of fruit would actually cost her £930.11.

Asda have said that the fault was down to a computer error and the store manager has called the lady to apologise personally.

"I told my seven year old son that he needs to enjoy every bite of this banana", said the woman.

'But then we got a text from my credit card company saying they detected fraud and that they had tried to charge me for it'.

The BBC reports that her credit card company's fraud team stopped the payment from going through and texted her about the more than 1,000 pounds bill.

The banana for which Bobbie Gordon was charged £930.11 by Asda in the United Kingdom.

She added: 'Asda rang and apologised over the phone.

Ms Gordon alerted Asda to the issue on Twitter first, and the supermarket responded to acknowledge the error and apologise for the inconvenience.

"Whoops, looks like we've slipped up here", an Asda spokesperson said.

The supermarket reportedly said, "Although our bananas are excellent, at the same time we agree that they are not worth that much and clearly there has been a glitch in our system".

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