God of War's Cory Barlog tears up over review scores

Joanna Estrada
April 20, 2018

Needless to say he got a little teary at the overwhelmingly positive scores, clearly chuffed after having worked on God of War for the best part of five years. God of War made me cry, more than once, so it's only fair.

God Of War is out now! This moment was the culmination of the last five years of his life, his heart and soul put out into the world to be judged. He even watches the Metacritic average tick up from 93 to 94 (the game now sits at a 95).

Barlog's comment about "checklists" implies he wanted to avoid the usual open world formula, but while God Of War doesn't feature a giant open world in the style of Grand Theft Auto or Far Cry it's still quite large and filled with lots of hidden secrets. In this case, God Of War took five years to create, so you can imagine the emotional buildup that happens when the last five years of your time comes down to a number on a Metacritic page.

It's a heartwarming moment, so we won't spoil it for you.

But the pleasantries don't end there, as keeping in theme with God of War's tale of parental struggles, Cory explained in the video's description how he chose to upload the clip to YouTube in order to convince his son to be more open with emotions.

God of War is available now in nearly all regions (if it's not live for you yet, it's just a matter of hours!). It's impossible to please everyone though, and every developer faces this same apprehension when approaching critique of their own products.

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