AMD hits back at Nvidia's partner programme

Joanna Estrada
Апреля 20, 2018

Not because their cards sell better (or at least, not only because their cards sell better), but also because NVidia's new-fangled GeForce Partner Program (GPP), seems to be forcing hardware manufacturers to pick sides. We have reported on the programme before and how PC builders to be a part of the program (with access to combined marketing efforts, bundles and rebate offer) must exclusively align their gaming brand with NVIDIA's GeForce hardware (and not AMD's Radeon). "Whether you build and upgrade your own PCs, or order pre-built rigs after you've customised every detail online, you know that what you're playing on is of your own making, based on your freedom to choose the components that you want".

It's been just over a month since Kyle Bennett's HardOCP investigation exposed elements of anticompetitiveness in Nvidia's GeForce Partner Program (GPP).

There's a full range of AREZ cards hitting the market, fingers crossed that means there'll be actual AMD graphics cards we can buy as gamers, and the miners won't have already poached them from the back doors of the factories before we get a chance.

A commitment to true transparency through industry standards - Through industry standards like AMD FreeSync technology, we're providing the PC ecosystem with technologies that significantly enhance gamers' experiences, enabling partners to adopt them at no cost to consumers, rather than penalizing gamers with proprietary technology "taxes" and limiting their choice in displays.

AMD has quietly lashed out at Nvidia, with a video and statement that says that supporting AMD is supporting freedom of choice. "The freedom to support a brand that actively works to advance the art and science of PC gaming while expanding its reach".

This transparency is only possible when NVIDIA brands and partner brands are consistent.

AMD had a little fun yesterday as the head of Radeon Gaming, Scott Herkelman posted a comment about AMD's Radeon GPUs offering freedom of choice to gamers; unless they disapprove of the colour red of course. "No anti-gamer / anti-competitive strings attached".

A dedication to innovation, in which AMD will continue to support the latest technologies and try new hardware standards, like DirectX12, Vulkan, High Bandwidth memory and the GPUOpen Initiative.

The GPU and software of a gaming PC make all the difference in a gamer's experience.

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