United States troops not leaving Syria until goals accomplished: Haley

Elias Hubbard
April 16, 2018

The ministry reported that a total of 100 cruise and air-to-surface missiles had been fired (while 59 missiles were fired at the Shayrat Airbase last year), majority were shot down by Syria's air defense units upon approaching their targets.

Addressing told the council, US Ambassador Nikki Haley said the United States was confident that the military strikes had crippled Syria's chemical weapons programme. She says: "President Assad has an absolutely positive attitude, a good mood".

The bombings, hailed by US President Donald Trump as a success but denounced by Damascus and its allies as an act of aggression, marked the biggest intervention by Western countries against Assad and ally Russian Federation, whose foreign minister Sergei Lavrov called them "unacceptable and lawless". "And we were able to repel it with Soviet missiles from the 70s", Russian lawmaker Dmitry Sablin quoted Assad as saying, TASS reported.

Were they to see the images she sees of bloodshed, torture and bodies being pulled from the rubble, she believes Canadians would rise up and demand action, as they did in 2015 when a photograph of a lifeless Syrian toddler on a Turkish beach prompted an outpouring of humanitarian action. Russian Federation has vetoed at least six resolutions in the United Nations Security Council regarding chemical weapons.

"Vladimir Putin, in particular, stressed that if such actions were committed in violation of the United Nations charter continue, then it will inevitably lead to chaos in worldwide relations", the statement said.

Some in the Syrian community believe it was a small positive step in the right direction while others believe it will only cause more problems for the US and American troops in Syria.

And the Iranian leader called the strikes an "invasion" aimed at "emboldening defeated terrorists", according to the country's official IRNA news agency.

Instead, he said, the attack bolstered the confidence of the Syrian army and its allies, as well as probably sinking the already-faltering United Nations -backed peace process on Syria in Geneva.

She said most of the Syrians in the room felt a mixture of optimism and worry.

Nasrallah said there is no chemical program in Syria, and he likened the attacks in Syria to the West's concern over Iran's nuclear program. We set their chemical weapons program back years.Our job was never to take Assad out. When pressed, however, he acknowledged that some unspecified portion of Assad's chemical arms infrastructure was not targeted.

She also suggested that Russian Federation wasn't helpful in pursing worldwide diplomatic responses to the chemical attack, saying the 105 missiles launched by the U.S., France and the United Kingdom at three Syrian sites connected to the making and storing of chemical weapons "didn't have to happen".

The inspectors were due to attempt to visit the site of the suspected gas attack in Douma on April 7, which medical relief organisations say killed dozens of people. Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad met with members of the watchdog group in their Damascus hotel Sunday. I support President Trump's limited action to target chemical weapons facilities and hold this brutal regime accountable.

France, meanwhile, has reached out to Russian Federation, urging it to join renewed peace efforts. He said the allies acted without a United Nations mandate because of the "constant stalemate of the Russians" in the Security Council. Within a few minutes, both British Prime Minister Teresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron released statements emphasizing the same message.

France and the US say the Geneva process is the only track to pursue a political resolution.

The airstrikes are unlikely to have any real impact on the outcome of the civil war, nor will they serve to bring Assad to the negotiating table to seriously discuss a political settlement, as many hoped.

"There is no proposal on the table at the moment for further attacks because so far thank heavens the Assad regime have not been so foolish as to launch another chemical weapons attack", he told the BBC's Andrew Marr show.

"We put facts contrary to your myths", he said.

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