The Walking Dead S8 Finale's Biggest Moments

Lawrence Kim
Апреля 16, 2018

Before Rick heads out to go over the battle plans, he asks Siddiq how Carl died. Rick begged Negan to take 10 seconds and talk about Carl. So Siddiq explained how his mother had believed that the dead's souls were still trapped within them until they were killed. Except when Rick et al got to that spot expecting to ambush Negan they heard his familiar whistle seemingly coming from all sides.

"I just wanted to say you were right about saving the Saviors from the satellite outpost, having them here". He said that giving those Saviors their word and then killing them was wrong. I know Negan got shot in the hand, but you're telling me he couldn't have taken out Dwight, whose freakin' hands were bound, with Lucille? At this point, Gabriel throws himself out of the auto, but Eugene and Negan find him in the woods and load him back up. The two engaged in some long overdue hand-to-hand combat, and just when Negan had Rick in his grip the script was flipped.

"We are worse than we were", Morgan (Lennie James) told Rick near the finale's outset, a reference to their lost humanity, but also a fair description of where the show stands - commercially as well as creatively - compared to its dizzying apex.

Now, hold onto your horses - because Negan's not dead. Admittedly there is already trouble brewing, with Maggie recruiting Jesus and Daryl into her plan to kill Negan, but otherwise the survivors seem to have a clear roadmap back to civilization.

Rick tells the rest of the Saviors that they can put their hands down. He managed to turn Denise's murderer into a conflicted human who represented a crucial plight in the new world: how do you maintain your humanity when your survival requires you to abandon it? Negan's reign is over. She still punches him, for puking on her when she tried to take him away from the Saviors. The jam-packed episode finally saw the cessation of hostilities between the Saviors and the other united communities, bringing to a close one of its more controversial seasons. Maggie let Alden (Callan McAuliffe), a redeemed former Savior, remain at the Hilltop, and Daryl (Norman Reedus) banished but spared Dwight (Austin Amelio), who had treated him so poorly at the Sanctuary.

But fans are mostly unhappy that Negan lived. She agrees to go, and he tells her that he needs to hang back and wants to be alone.

As the heavily armed Saviors, whose firepower was bolstered by turncoat Eugene's round-the-clock bullet production, closed in, Negan gave the order to shoot - and everything changed.

Daryl drove Dwight into the woods where a contrite Dwight prepared to be executed, but instead Daryl gave him the keys to the pickup truck and banished him, promising to kill him if he ever came back.

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I am pleased with the ending of season 8.

Tara (Alanna Masterson, center) joins her colleagues in battle in Sunday's season finale of "The Walking Dead". However, the season finale may have proven that Glenn Rhee's widow could play a large role in The Walking Dead Season 9.

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