Google Announces New AI Tools

Joanna Estrada
April 16, 2018

Just yesterday, on April 13, 2018, a handful of Google representatives made clear that its research and development team formed a couple of brand-new, groundbreaking experiments featuring artificial intelligence that allows Internet users to have fun with a robot that speaks as naturally as virtually any other human would, as well as meaningful conversation - or, in fancy terms, semantics.

Called Maven, the programme applies AI and machine learning to the job of classifying objects in surveillance footage, but Google responded to the employee petition saying that the technology was meant to save lives and save people from having to do highly tedious work. In fact to demonstrate their progress on the topic, Google has launched what they are calling "Semantic Experiences". The demonstrations show examples of ways the machine learning technology can be used to power applications. This is a word association game where users are prompted with words and they are supposed to type in things that they associate with words. Scores are given based on how well the provided word relates to the other words already on the screen. The game is presented in two forms: "Arcade" and "Blocks". In plain English - or at least as plain as highly-technical talk can get - such word vectors help computers like Google's revolutionary, world-popular search engine understand phrases and chains of words that web users enter into its interface. They said other potential applications incorporate "classification, semantic similarity, semantic clustering, whitelist applications (choosing the correct reaction from numerous options) and semantic search (of which Talk to Books is a case)". More than 100,000 tools are searchable in the demo.

The best part is you can type like you would normally as opposed to regular Google Search where you might have to be a bit more picky and smart about your keywords.

Anyone can try the Talk to Books and Semantris demos for free online.

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