Google introduces 'Confidential Mode' in its new Gmail design

James Marshall
April 15, 2018

As per TechCrunch's report, this mode will prevent the receiver of the mail from forwarding, downloading, copying or pasting the email text. Following the update, you'll be able to set emails you send to "expire" after a certain amount of time.

Yesterday, Google confirmed a major redesign for Gmail was on the way. However, the feature is still under development, as the option "Learn More" now redirects to a blank page. The new Gmail may have a feature that asks the recipient to type in SMS passcode to open the mail.

As revealed by The Verge, the Gmail update is about more than just giving the email service a new coat of paint.

How do you control when recipients' emails self-destruct?

The recipient had to log into their Google account once again to view the content.

Google introduces 'Confidential Mode' in its new Gmail design
Google introduces 'Confidential Mode' in its new Gmail design

There has been no official announcement regarding the launch of this feature to the users in their entirety.

The tech giant said to be revamping Tasks, which is likely to encourage people to stay in their inbox for most of their working day, getting everything done via a single webpage. This is because Google is now asking users to confirm their Google account to view the confidential email. There also appears to be a self-destruct button of sorts, via a customizable expiration date that allows the user to send the email into the ether after a time period of the user's choosing-whether that's a week, month, or even a few years. On the other hand, Google generates an email with a link in Gmail's current implementation. That means you never have to leave your inbox to create a to-do list or reschedule a meeting.

The features are nearly similar to some of the features found in Microsoft's full Outlook application as Microsoft is also adding the ability to restrict emails on its service. But users can take screenshot or photo of email. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

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