Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil Unearthed in Montana

James Marshall
March 30, 2018

The "fabulous" fossil probably belongs to a young Tyrannosaurus rex that lived 66.5 million years ago - but it also could also be a mature specimen of a smaller carnivorous dinosaur.

Researchers believe the specimen is a young Tyrannosaurus rex but are still conducting their analysis to be sure.

Researchers can compare the remains with that of an older T. rex and they also have the fossils of the dinosaur's younger version on loan. But despite the site's rich content of bones, there have only been fewer than five "decently complete juvenile T. rexes" over the past 100 years, Kyle Atkins-Weltman, an assistant fossil preparator at the Biodiversity Institute and Natural History Museum at Kansas University, said. By matching these remains to the one they found, it will be easier to come up with a conclusion for their study.

Such a young T. rex is extremely rare and only a few individuals have been discovered over the years. "Ontogeny, that's the process of growth - and during that process we change".

In the past, other bones of baby Tyrannosaurus Rex were unearthed but not all scientists agreed that the fossils were of baby T.Rexes. Some researchers suggest that it is that of another dinosaur species, but some claim that it is the fossil of a young Tyrannosaur. He said it is possible that the specimen belonged to Nanotyrannus, a carnivorous dinosaur that was also found in the Hell Creek Formation.

The researcher said that the confusing issue with the find is the dinosaur's age, citing that the bones of adult dinosaurs, particularly the skull, do not look the same as when they were younger.

Oftentimes, when somebody finds a baby dinosaur, they think it may be a new species. "It's reasonable to presume Nanotyrannus could be legitimate- however we should reveal it's not simply a phase in the biography of T. rex". With more fossil record and examination, they are hoping to put an end to this controversy and aiming to give the fossil its rightful place in the family tree of theropod dinosaurs.

Among the most controversial remains which have confused researchers were found in IL back in 2003. As reported by BBC, scientists from Burpee Gallery of Nature located the skeletal system called as "Jane", which might either be the pygmy dinosaur pertaining to the T. rex, Nanotyrannus, or a meat-eating titan that passed away at a young age.

Back at the lab, the researchers found the fossil glowed under a black light. They expect to publish their findings in the coming months.

Paleontologists may have unearthed a fossil of a baby Tyrannosaurus rex from the Hell Creek Formation in central Montana.

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