5 things you need to know about Fortnite on mobile

Joanna Estrada
March 20, 2018

A few days ago, Epic Games released the mobile version of this popular video game, and even though it's only available on iOS and to a limited group of players, it's already gained a huge success on the mobile platform [VIDEO] as well. Because the gameplay has been drastically sped up, players can easily finish a Blitz mode match within 15 minutes - though, to be honest, it feels a lot shorter.

Increased chances of treasure chests spawning from 50-70% to 80-90%. On the flipside of, could Epic Games be working on an extended version of the normal Batte Royale matches for a future timed mode?

Fortnite developer Epic Games have said that they're aware of the cyber attacks on fans and are looking into it.

Bidvine launched professional coaching services for "Call of Duty" and "FIFA", but a lot of players requested them to provide such services for "Fortnite Battle Royale". So while you can download it right now, you can't actually play it unless you have a beta invite. Not only is it raking in a ton of players for Epic, but it even has big-time celebs livestreaming the game! Not everyone that signed up for the invite-only event has gotten in just yet and that is our first major clue to when is Fortnite coming out on Android.

Now mobile Fortnite will only be available to iOS11 users, meaning that it doesn't yet support Android devices.

"However, this approach doesn't find every impacted account, or you might have created your Epic account after we checked a particular password dump". You'd better get out there and get to work. Once more is learned, we'll be sure to update this post. Check your email to see if you've got your friend codes yet. To get in the top 5, you need to dedicate at least 20-30 minutes in most instances, which isn't going to match up with the amount of time you've got to play when out and about with your mobile.That's where the brand new Blitz mode comes in.

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