Kim Kardashian West criticized for lack of diversity in new concealer line

Lawrence Kim
March 19, 2018

At this stage in her career, Kim Kardashian West is no stranger to controversy.

Debuting her latest offering on Instagram, Kim showed off her range of concealers in a series of Instagram photos. The reality star has yet to break her silence on allegations that her makeup brand lacked diversity in its new line of concealers.

Reactions included: "this makeup line is only for light skin tones just like nearly every other makeup line", 'anyone going to bring up the fact that the KKW concealer shade range is straight up disrespectful to WOC?' and 'where the dark shades at though?' But many users were quick to notice that the 16 shades in the new line do not cater to darker skin. Should concealers come in an extensive range of shades, Fenty Beauty-style? Since concealers are supposed to hide blemishes, discolorations, and other flaws on the skin, at least one of its shades must be close to the user's natural skin tone to do the job.

It's a stark contrast to the praise that was lavished on Kanye West's other-half just a few days ago when she announced the range, which only included an ad with models and not the shades.

However, Fadiga, who modeled for KKW's campaign, reportedly defended the cosmetic line and posted a response on Instagram in the comments on the brand's social media account after people mentioned none of the shades would work on her.

One user went as far as to say that she believed Kim, 37, and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner family are keen to "profit off of black people" but don't actually want to give anything back.

At first glance, the campaign is diverse, with models of different ages, sizes, heights and skin tones all lined up together to demonstrate the various types of women these 16 concealer kits - complete with liquid and powder formulas - match.

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