Comedian Hannibal Buress gets shut down on stage for rape jokes

Lawrence Kim
March 19, 2018

Leave it to Hannibal Buress to book a show at a Catholic university and open his set by making a joke about the Catholic Church's dark history of child molestation.

Banned topics on the night included rape, sexual assault, race, illegal drugs, and sexual orientation/gender.

His failure to adhere resulted in his mic being muted the first few minutes into his set.

Buress wasn't too happy and said to the crowd, "Bitch ass old people, I can project. Y'all f**k kids, right?"

The sound guys drowned him out with music overhead.

Reports suggest that Buress' microphone was cut less than five minutes into his set but that he was allowed to return to the stage after a 15 minute interval.

While Loyola's Department of Programming (DOP) puts on Colossus annually, its assistant director, Leslie Watland, said Student Development Administrators made the decisions during the show.

In a tweet that's since been deleted, Buress allegedly told a Twitter user who asked why he went against Loyola's guidelines that the result is the same either way. However, the school then raised the volume of the background music, until Buress eventually left the stage. Then, according to an audience member, Buress lashed out at the school administration while referencing the university's content restriction email which was shown on a large overhead projector above the stage.

"I literally thought like I was about to witness a riot and I was ready to participate", student Ally Boly told the student newspaper.

'It's wild that Loyola preaches about speaking up and speaking out but they're gonna censor someone doing just that.

"Loyola just cut Hannibal's mic".

"I guess I can understand where Loyola - or whoever was controlling the mics - is coming from, because Hannibal did outright say he was going to violate the contract restrictions", Martin said.

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