Google Images gains captions to make search results much more useful

Joanna Estrada
March 14, 2018

To remedy it, Google began improving visual discovery by adding more context to the image results page.

Image captions are rolling out globally starting this week for the Google app (Android and iOS) and mobile browsers. There's no word yet on whether the feature will roll out to desktop browsers, which have a slightly different look than mobile web browsers.

Google is showing answers in the search results without showing any organic listings or ads or anything but the answer. Since then, we've also added the website's domain URL for each result to show you where the image is coming from. On the right are images with a caption that gives users a bit more context as to what they are looking at.

Google is now showing answers without any additional search results for some queries. It essentially means that you can find out what the image is about and if a particular website would contain relevant content. This extra piece of information, Google says, provides more context.

"Google said for the queries this shows up for, searchers "rarely use full search results" and if the searcher wants those results they can access it with the "Show all results" button". For instance, a user will now know that the searched fruit is called carambola or starfruit, and that it's popular in China without even clicking on one of the links.

This update underscores our ongoing goal to make Google Images an ever more useful tool to discover and explore more information from the web.

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