Wild teen party causes $20000 damage at West Vancouver rental house

Elias Hubbard
March 13, 2018

West Vancouver police said they were called to deal with reports of an "uncontrolled party" happening at a house in the 2400-block of Ottawa Avenue on March 9.

No one was injured, but the bill for cleanup and repairs is still likely to sting the teenager's family, who agreed to accept financial responsibility for what happened.

Police discovered the home had been booked through an online rental agency by a 14-year-old girl, who had used her parent's credit card without permission to pay for the rental.

It proved to be an expensive choice.

Police say the party had quickly grown beyond the "intended size" causing extensive damage to the property before police arrived on site.

The value of the walls, furniture and artwork damaged from the party is approximately $20,000, according to the police. Word of the gathering must have spread like wildfire and the situation quickly escalated, and before they knew it, massive damages had occurred. The homeowner is not seeking any criminal charges against the teen or her family.

"When you have hundreds of kids flooding out of a home in this kind of circumstance, it's hard to determine specifically who might be responsible for doing all the damage", Palmer said.

"In terms of young people thinking it might be a good idea to have a party at any place where it could be hard to control who shows up... to a parent who would want to review how much access to and control of banking information their teenager has", he said.

"And to anyone who has a property listed on any rental agency or online site, what steps are you taking to ensure who is actually showing up to rent your property, and what is their objective for that".

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