Charles Manson's grandson wins fight to claim his body

Lawrence Kim
March 13, 2018

LOS ANGELES A grandson of cult leader Charles Manson won the weird California court battle Monday over the killer's body.

A court in Kern County, California, made the decision Monday, about four months after Manson's death.

While Monday's ruling decided the fate of Manson's body, what happens with his estate - which includes music royalties and commercial rights to so-called "murderbilia" mementos - is still to be determined in a Los Angeles court.

The case in Kern County was brought by the coroner's office, which said it wanted to quickly resolve the matter because bodies were piling up at the morgue from the methamphetamine and opioid epidemics.

Charles Manson, the cult leader who sent followers known as the "Manson Family" out to commit gruesome murders, now being held at California State Prison, Corcoran, California, seen in this August 2017 photo released on November 16, 2017. The AP says that Channels is a "pen pal who collected and sold Manson memorabilia".

Freeman's attorney, Dale Kiken, told the AP that he expects Manson's ashes to be disseminated over a body of water.

Manson was convicted of seven counts of first-degree murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder in the deaths of Tate, the La Biancas and four other people at the Tate residence - coffee heiress Abigail Ann Folger, photographer Wojciech Frykowski, hairdresser Jay Sebring and Steven Earl Parent, who was shot and killed in his vehicle on his way to visit an acquaintance who lived in a separate rented guest house on the Tate property. He said Channels had used his contacts with Manson to generate memorabilia to pay his mortgage while also denigrating the killer in conversations with others.

Michael Brunner, 49, whose birth certificate lists Manson and cult member Mary Brunner as his parents, was also in the fight. Knight ruled that Brunner was no longer Manson's son because he was adopted by his maternal grandparents. After Manson and Willis split up, she remarried and Charles Manson, Jr. took the name of his stepfather - Jay White. The 2002 will he filed names him as the executor and sole beneficiary of the estate.

Mr Brunner was backed by another purported son, Matthew Lentz, who claims he was fathered by Manson during a Wisconsin orgy.

But Knight rejected those claims. Freeman plans to cremate his grandfather's body during a family ceremony.

Almost all interested parties have suggested others want to profit off Manson's death by selling photos of the corpse to tabloid publications.

Freeman had initially opened a GoFundMe page last November 23, hoping to bury Manson's body "with honor, respect & dignity he deserves".

Attorney Dale Kiken, who represents Freeman, dismissed the video as play and said his client is respectful and wants to have a final internment that doesn't keep ashes or pieces of Manson.

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