Bayern Munich doctor reveals 'aggressive' Pep Guardiola wanted them to perform 'miracles'

Lawrence Kim
March 13, 2018

"I consider Pep Guardiola a person with a low self-esteem, who will do everything to hide it from others", Muller-Wohlfahrt wrote in the book.

Muller-Wohlfahrt was established as the orthopaedic surgeon of choice for a number of leading sporting stars, including sprinting great Usain Bolt, and had worked at Bayern for more than 35 years by the time Guardiola was appointed as head coach in 2013.

There was also an infamous incident in which Guardiola was caught sarcastically clapping Muller-Wohlfahrt after Mehdi Benatia sustained an injury during a game against Bayer Leverkusen.

Guardiola, however, appears to have a tight bond with his backroom staff at Manchester City, which is perhaps a conscious result of the struggles he had with Muller-Wohlfahrt at Bayern.

"On just the third time we met, Guardiola came up to me and started ranting in an accusatory and aggressive tone".

"He said: 'What's going on?" I thought I was coming to one of the best medical departments in the world and we have two long-term injuries!'

Clearly Muller-Wohlfahrt has never got over it.

The pair clashed frequently during Guardiola's tenure, with the former Barcelona boss irritated by Muller-Wohlfahrt's refusal to attend training sessions and reportedly clashing with the veteran physician over a number of issues, including treatment for the injury-plagued Thiago Alcantara.

He points out that, under Guardiola's predecessor Jupp Heynckes, Bayern had fewer muscle injuries than most clubs in Europe, and claims that the Catalan's methods put his players at risk.

"At the time, Guardiola was portrayed in the media as an innovative, even revolutionary coach". But at Bayern Munich he turned the clock back tremendously. And right in the first season we had far, far more muscle injuries than in the successful 2012/13 season before. And he knew everything better: Five minutes warm-up in a rush, that had to be enough.

"I shouted at Guardiola and hit the table with my fist so hard that the plates and cups clanked". 'For the first time in my life, I raised my voice.

"Apparently he saw me as a receiver of commands whom he could order every time he wants".

The doctor then comes to a scathing conclusion about Guardiola's personality and state of mind. "He therefore seems to live in constant fear, not so much of defeat, but much more of the loss of power and authority".

"But I simply could not reach Pep Guardiola with the way I think and work".

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