Are aliens real? Three-fingered mummified bodies not human, test reveals

Henrietta Strickland
March 13, 2018

After, the organization behind the investigation and excavation, sent some of Maria's DNA to a lab in Canada, however, they found that the supposedly alien genetic material was a 100 percent match for human DNA, implying that the mummy was an ancient human corpse that was altered by graverobbers. This new discovery made headlines because despite their humanoid appearance, they had three fingers and toes and elongated skulls.

Conspiracy theory website has featured videos suggesting the discovery could be a being closely related to humans and still from outer space. Russian geneticists from St. Petersburg tested the samples to determine the origin of the mummy.

The scientists claimed that the mummy's rib structure is an unusual, rounded shape with some semicircular bones included, it has just three fingers per hand and a head that elongates at the back.

"Right now we are making a detailed analysis to see if the shape of the position of all the chromosomes, of all the amino acids, coincides with ours", he told Russian news agency Sputnik. It was determined that the mummy dates back to the fifth century A.D. "Their anatomic structure is different", Korotkov explained.

Despite having 23 chromosomes like humans, researchers have said that the mummy is not one of us.

Scientists have also found that the white powder the mysterious civilisation used to mummify the dead is called cadmium chloride.

Under the heading "The Fraud of Extraterrestrial Mummies", translated from Spanish, the congress said it believed real human mummified remains had been mutated and re-arranged to create bogus alien-looking creatures.

Aside from Maria, Professor Korotkov witnessed four more mummies in Peru, all male with a DNA of 23 pairs of chromosomes, like us.

Carbon dating of both mummies shows different results.

Russian scientists claim this mummy, found near Nazca in Peru a year ago, may not have been human (Gaia).Researchers say the humanoid Peruvian mummy, which has an elongated head, has a different anatomical structure to the human body (Gaia). They're even hopeful of one day convincing authorities to bring the mummy to Russian Federation.

Male mummies were also examined by the scientists.

A mummy located in a Peruvian tomb previous year with an elongated head and just three fingers on each hand has a different anatomical structure to humans, according to claims made by Russian scientists. They're also missing their nasal cavities and have no superciliary arches. has asked for details about where the so-called alien mummies were discovered.

Anthropologists say that the reason that the mummies were found with elongated skulls was due to the practice of artificial cranial deformation, which was done to children. This was accomplished by binding children's heads in cloth, rope, or wooden boards.

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