Full speech of Sonia Gandhi at India Today Conclave 2018

Elias Hubbard
Марта 9, 2018

Commenting on the recent controversy of four senior Supreme Court judges holding an unprecedented press conference, Gandhi said, "They actually went out to the press and said listen we need the people to hear our voice because there is something fundamentally wrong". "We try to hold regular meetings with like minded parties to see if something can work outwe are holding dinner with all these leaders". She asked if this was really the condition of the nation during the Congress rule, and asked if it wasn't offensive to the intelligence of people who had worked hard for the government.

"Where we are running into trouble now is the levels of violence and anger that you are seeing in India and this to me is a syndrome", he said, adding that "I'm proud to say that our vision is bringing people together".

"Our freedom is under assault".

"Was India really a giant black hole" before the BJP-led government came to power in 2014, she asked.

Speaking on her party's defeat in a series of elections beginning with the 2014 national polls that saw the BJP taking power, Sonia Gandhi said: "We were out-marketed".

The Former Congress President said that from freedom to think to choice of eating, everything is under attack. "We are not going to let them come back to power", Sonia Gandhi said.

"Society has been polarised with an eye for winning elections. This is a deliberate unwillingness to look at India's strengths over the past decades", she said while addressing an audience at the India Today Conclave.

The BJP, too, jumped in the row, and claimed that the Congress "doctored the video" to cover for its president, according to CNN-News18. Alternate voices are being silenced.

When asked to compare former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee with Modi, she said Vajpayee respected parliamentary procedures. "However, anybody in this room who thinks that the Congress party is not part of that success...thinks liberalisation wasn't a success.green revolution was not a success.needs to write a new book", he said, very likely referring to Basu, whose book was published in September a year ago. Our very social DNA is being re-engineered.

"Parliamentary majority is being interpreted as a licence to stifle debate".

"Long-standing precedents are being violated; political opponents are being targeted through the misuse of of investigating agencies". The 47-year-old Congress leader said that there is a "very aggressive and organized attack on the system and judiciary". University and students are being straightjacketed. "Aadhaar is being turned into intrusive instrument of control", Gandhi added, referring to an alleged pro-BJP bias among some top judges, right-to-information legislation, and an Aadhaar electronic identity card system that was introduced by the Congress government but is now being extended to areas such as bank accounts and mobile phone registrations. The noise of politics is the music of democracy. But fast F.A.S.T. cannot stand for First Act, and Second Think.

"Employment situation is grim, but 7.5 million jobs were supposedly created in 2016".

"This claim has, of course, been widely debunked, but does that make a difference?" Does it mean that alternative facts take the place of uncomfortable reality?

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