What pubs need to know about the paper £10 note deadline

Lawrence Kim
February 22, 2018

They may stop accepting the notes eventually (and are not actually legally required to exchange them) but the Bank of England will always be obliged to exchange them.

The new plastic polymer notes featuring the novelist Jane Austen entered circulation in September a year ago.

Brits have got just days to spend or exchange their paper notes, and the Bank of England says current returns are averaging at a value of £85million.

All paper Scottish £5 and £10 notes will cease to be legal tender on March 1.

The new notes are more resistant to dirt and moisture, have enhanced security features to make them harder to counterfeit, and can with stand more wear and tear than paper notes. The plastic fiver, featuring Winston Churchill, entered circulation in September 2016.

If you are exchanging large amounts, you may be asked to provide ID. They advise that whilst you can attempt to exchange them at your local bank or post office, there is no local obligation for them to do so.

"We issued a new polymer £10 note on September 14, 2017".

They will be recycled by the Bank of England.

A new polymer £20 banknote featuring lanscape artist J.M.W. Turner is due to be issued in 2020.

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