Lawmakers on both sides react to Trump's State of the Union speech

Marco Green
Января 31, 2018

Trump's second pillar - more border enforcement - seems to be premised on the notion that new immigrants are synonymous with drugs, gangs and depressed job and wage growth, and that only his "beautiful wall" and more border agents can protect Americans. He also hopes to muscle an infrastructure bill through a divided Congress.

A Democratic lawmaker from the state of Virginia, Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, rejected Trump's immigration vision, saying he threatens to bring the country back to a time in which people are judged by the color of their skin and religion instead of their character.

Let's take a look at what came out of Mr. Trump's speech. "Now let's see if he can and will stick with it".

Under US immigration laws, a US citizen can file an immigrant visa petition for spouse, children, parent or siblings.

Trump said his administration has eliminated more regulations in its first year than any administration in history, and that he played a part in bringing manufacturers back to the United States.

The parties have also clashed this week over the plans of House Republicans to release a classified memo on the Russian Federation investigation involving Trump's campaign - a decision the White House backs but the Justice Department is fighting.

The president's expression that "Americans are dreamers too" either bridged divides or further polarized Americans on the issue, depending on who was listening.

And each day, Trump risks undermining any goodwill he builds with an errant tweet or outburst.

But Democrats, who sat to Trump's right, were mostly silent.

In the House of Representatives chamber where Trump delivered his first "State of the Union" speech, Republicans, who sat to Trump's left, showed their enthusiasm as he touted tax cuts and boasted of the economy's performance.

Trump - one of most divisive and controversial presidents in U.S. history - sought to highlight things that Americans share, and appealed to the power of unity: "All of us, together, as one team, one people, and one American family can do anything".

An impasse between bipartisan lawmakers over this issue led to a government shutdown earlier this month and could trigger another in the coming weeks if their divide remains unresolved.

Sanders is rumored to be considering another run for the presidency in the 2020 election.

Trump was, in fact, speaking to two audiences on Tuesday: his passionate base of supporters, and the rest of the country that has yet to embrace him. These same regulations, according to the president, are also standing in the way of a major infrastructure rebuilding plan.

However, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley on Jan 3 tried to clarify that withholding aid to Pakistan was not linked to Islamabad's support for the General Assembly resolution regarding Jerusalem. "After years of wage stagnation, we are finally seeing rising wages", he said.

"Given expectations, he did well", Geer said.

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