Apple CarPlay Now Supports WhatsApp to Send and Receive Messages

James Marshall
Января 30, 2018

Any WhatsApp user who has a vehicle that is CarPlay powered would now be able to see new messages, ask Siri to read messages and utilize the voice assistance to send new messages.

There are limitations though, as WhatsApp in CarPlay will not let you browse your list of existing chats, as you can only use Siri, unlike Apple's Messages within CarPlay. WhatsApp also works with multitasking in CarPlay and replaces the Phone or Messages app.

If you remember Apple with its last update made it possible for its CarPlay users to use the virtual assistant Siri to dictate messages to be sent to WhatsApp contacts.

Apple's CarPlay will be getting support for a new app and it's an app that is widely used by all of us.

WhatsApp for iOS gets a new feature which will let users easily connect with their friends and family via WhatsApp even while they are driving.

The version once installed on your iPhone, WhatsApp will show up a dedicated icon on the CarPlay dash interface for easy access. While tapping the WhatsApp icon on the CarPlay UI user can see an option to either dictate a new message or hear a spoken summary of unread messages. The official changelog on the App Store doesn't define the integration. The aim of bringing the WhatsApp the CarPlay integration is to improve the user's in-vehicle connectivity system.

This new update rolls out to the iPhone users in a few days and can be downloaded via App Store. The launch of the official WhatsApp integration with Apple's CarPlay makes it easy to receive and "read" the new messages received on WhatsApp while you're driving.

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