Thirsty Missouri College Dude Emails Every Claudia to Find His Tinderella

Elias Hubbard
January 23, 2018

The student at America's Missouri State University was hanging out on campus recently, plumbing the depths of the hook-up app when he accidentally swiped left on a fellow student named Claudia. On Tinder - a dammed-up lake of late-night hormones and flagrant impulses - love is just a finger-twitch away, and even easier to lose forever if you accidentally swipe left instead of right.

In his email, he explained the Tinder situation and then went on to describe the mystery Claudia's profile and tinder bio.

In a cruel twist of fate, Hayden accidentally swiped left on her profile ("left is bad") and now was desperate to find her. The age next to her name was 20 but in her bio it said she was actually 18 but she didn't know how to change it. The pictures she provided had some with her friends and her mom in them. When both Tinder users swipe right on each other's profiles, they have the chance to connect. Usually, you'd forget that mistake and move on, but Hayden Moll did not do that. If you choose "right" we could totally get some donuts or something but if you choose "left" that's cool too. He also asks all the Claudias on the email spread the word to more Claudias. It would be much appreciated! Without a last name, he made a decision to use the clues his mystery girl's profile had given - her first name (Claudia), age (18 although the profile says 20), university (same as his) - along with humorous details from her photos that "had [him] dead" to aid in his search.

The tale of 22 Claudias starts with Tinder.

'We need answers. did you message him left of right? did you get doughnuts? are you in love??? would he rather have one of your friends? answers claudia answers!

However, someone has managed to find Hayden's Twitter profile during the madness. Hayden's is "so I emailed a few Claudias".

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