Melania Trump's approval numbers top the President's — CNN Poll

Elias Hubbard
January 23, 2018

Median approval of US leadership across the 134 countries surveyed during Trump's first year in office fell to 30 percent, the lowest figure recorded in the 11 years Gallup has asked the question. The global median who do not have an opinion about US leadership in 2017 (23%) is similar to the 25% in the a year ago of the Obama presidency. "The bottom line is that the United States has added a degree of unreliability", Haas said about Trump's first year in office in a CFR podcast on Tuesday. It's also four points lower than the previous low of 34%, seen in the final year of George W. Bush's presidency. Median approval of US leadership across 134 countries and areas stands at a new low of 30%, according to a new Gallup report. It's approval rating across the Americas is four percentage points higher than the USA, but disapproval is much lower at 35%.

The online poll was conducted from December 15 to January 15, drawing results from 3,862 people with a margin of error of two percentage points.

In some USA security allies in Asia - New Zealand, Australia and Singapore - the U.S. approval ratings dropped to new record lows in 2017, a decline of more than 30 points.

The poll also found the now rated about the same as rival countries China (31 percent) and Russian Federation (27 percent).

As part of his "America First" policy, Trump took the United States out several multilateral agreements on the grounds they did not serve national interests, including the proposed Trans-Pacific trade partnership and the Paris Climate Change accord. He has actively rejected taking global leadership. The image of America's leadership now trails both Germany and China, Gallup says.

The results were based on face-to-face and telephone interviews with about 1,000 people aged 15 and above in each country or are surveyed, Gallop said. It dropped 40 percentage points in Canada and 28 points among Mexicans, who have been a frequent target of Trump's insults and on whose border Trump is trying to erect a wall.

Gallup said it would be premature to consider whether Trump's "America First" foreign policy approach is a success. Younger Americans aren't as pleased with the first lady as the older generation; her biggest fans according to this poll, are over the age of 50.

The Gallup report said that China, which has overtaken the U.S. as the leading trading partner in parts of Latin America, "may be positioned to take further advantage".

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