Nvidia Requests Retailers To Sell GPUs To Gamers Instead of Miners

Joanna Estrada
January 22, 2018

In an effort to hopefully get more GPUs to gamers than miners, NVIDIA has supposedly requested retailers to limit GPU sales to two per customer, something NVIDIA is doing on its own webstore.

Will this stem the tide of crypto miners scooping up graphics cards? For their part, sellers have mostly responded by placing per-order limits on graphics cards.

A Reddit thread discussing the topic lays blame at people and organisations going to wholesalers and buying Nvidia GPUs in bulk to support their mining operations, thereby limiting supply to retailers and pushing the prices of GeForce cards up. However, the target market for most of the GPUs being gobbled up by the miners is that of PC gamers and enthusiasts, and they would like things to change as many graphics cards are selling for more than double their MSRP. To them, a GPU is just a tool to make money. It doesn't outline any particular ideas of how they can go about doing that, but German retailers have responded in a similar manner to British and US sellers, by imposing limits on the number of graphics cards that can be purchased by any one customer at any one time.

But Nvidia is concerned that miners snapping up its powerful but consumer-grade graphics cards are hiking the prices up for people who want a GPU for pixel-pushing gaming, you know, the way it was meant to be used. Usually all that can be found are cheap, low-end GPUs, the kind that just aren't powerful enough for cryptocurrency mining.

Nvidia Requests Retailers To Sell GPUs To Gamers Instead of Miners
Nvidia Requests Retailers To Sell GPUs To Gamers Instead of Miners

That isn't necessarily true across the entire spectrum of GPUs, but price pressure is clearly getting ridiculous, and some models are completely out of stock at some retailers.

"All activities related to our GeForce product line are focused on our main audience [gamers]".

The GeForce GTX 1070 is $889 and it is supposed to have a recommended price of around $380. "To ensure that GeForce gamers continue to have good GeForce graphics card availability in the current situation, we recommend that our trading partners make the appropriate arrangements to meet gamers' needs as usual", explains Nvidia (via Google translate).

German site ComputerBase.de received a statement from Nvidia about the pricing problems for gamers and the state of the market.

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