Android 21 gets official Dragon Ball FighterZ gameplay trailer

Lawrence Kim
January 22, 2018

But most people have probably never heard of Guilty Gear or developer Arc System Works, despite their almost 30-year existence and relative success with the likes of Persona 4 Arena and BlazBlue.

Editors' Note: This review does not yet have a rating because we are waiting to evaluate online play.

New gameplay footage showing Majin Android 21 has appeared, granting fans of Dragon Ball FighterZ a nice look at her move-set and appearance. To say the action looks ripped right out of the Dragon Ball anime would be an understatement - with fluid animation and stunning, cel-shaded 3D character models, the game's graphics often go above and beyond the source material. Lose one of your fighters, and you'll see an epic mini-cutscene of your next one charging into battle.

[Update] Two more Dragon Ball FighterZ trailers have also been released. The basics of Dragon Ball FighterZ are very similar to Capcom's iconic franchise, or more precisely the Marvel Vs. Capcom series. Like I mentioned before, Android 21 is a brand new character who was designed by Akira Toriyama. Even universal moves such as heavy attacks and Ki Blasts can vary wildly different between characters, and each fighter's unique assist move adds a ton of strategy to team building.

People had known about Android 21 before, but for the longest time it seemed like she was going to be restricted as just a story mode non-playable character with many fans wondering if she would play a larger role outside of that.

When it comes to content, Dragon Ball FighterZ isn't short on things to do.

This reviewer knows the bare minimum about Dragon Ball, having never watched it and instead absorbing a basic awareness of Goku and Piccolo and huge explosions through the internet's enthusiasm for the series in general, but the characters in the game are so engaging that your level of knowledge hardly matters. Still, there's a goofy charm to the dialogue that feels true to the anime, and the special conversations that trigger when you pair up certain characters are a delightful bit of fan service.

The story mode itself is laid out nearly as a strategy game map, with players given a set number of moves to reach key boss battles and rescue missions. We're sure the game will end up a favourite on the eSports circuit, but for ordinary mortals the most fun online is the party matches where each of the six possible fighters is controlled by a single player each - as you sit and wait to take your turn when you're tagged in.

Last but not least, more details about the online modes are also revealed. I'm eager to see how FighterZ holds up once the game hits the wild, and will report back once I do.

In a console generation already loaded with great fighting games, Dragon Ball FighterZ manages to stand out as one of the strongest. Because Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the best one-on-one fighters ever made.

The reason other fighting games - including the Dragon Ball Xenoverse titles - have gone 3D is to try and combat the sense of repetitiveness constant 2D battles can sometimes evoke - and that is still evident here despite FighterZ's best efforts.

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