White House doctor says Trump in 'excellent' overall health

Lawrence Kim
January 19, 2018

Dick Durbin, who attended, and others who were briefed on the conversation but were not authorized to describe it publicly.

But in many areas, Trump exceeded or was right at the average for men of his age, and Jackson, during a Tuesday briefing, praised the president repeatedly as being in "excellent" health. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has promised that Dreamers won't be targeted for deportation. "Others in the room were also using tough language", Nielsen said. Sen.

There is internal debate in the West Wing over whether Mr Trump said "shithole" or "shithouse".

Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill Tuesday, Graham accused White House staff of giving Trump "really bad advice" on the bipartisan proposal presented to President Trump last week. "It's just the way God made him", he told reporters. The White House has not denied that Trump used a vulgar term, and indicated Tuesday that no apology would be forthcoming. Those words don't just disappear.

Asked whether Russian Federation tried to interfere with the 2016 election on a massive scale, Nielsen said, "I have no reason to doubt that".

The clock is ticking and many are concerned there may be a government shutdown by the end of the week.

Trump had his first physical last Friday. The president, who is 71, is a known teetotaller, but has a penchant for fast food.

Trump said he had dieted successfully before. Deals can't get made when there is no trust!

Trump concluded his message by referring to the current struggle to come up with an immigration deal that accommodates young people brought to the US illegally as children and what he considers his mandate to secure the border. Trump announced previous year that he will end the Obama-era DACA program unless lawmakers come up with a solution by March.

Durbin didn't back down Monday when asked Perdue's and Cotton's comments. Jackson said he would increase that dose in an effort to get Trump's so-called "bad" cholesterol, or LDL level, below 120; it now is 143.

At the White House press conference, Jackson said he chose to run what's called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, known as MoCA. The two famously sparred during the 2016 campaign, and then again in August after Trump suggested neo-Nazis and counter-protesters were both to blame for the violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

Sen. Graham said that he doesn't believe that DACA can be agreed upon with border security, but wants those Americans living in the limbo that is their DACA status to know that they are not forgotten. A doctor asks the patient to say as many words that begin with a single letter given by the doctor.

Jackson also noted that Trump has abstained from alcohol and tobacco for his entire life, which contributed to his relatively good health. The president's blood pressure was 122/75.

Trump and some Republicans have said the senators' agreement is insufficient.

Jackson said a recent incident in which Trump slurred some words while making public remarks may have been the result of Sudafed that the doctor gave the president the previous day. I have a wonderful relationship with Haitians.

Trump took office at age 70, making him the oldest incoming US president.

"The president does take Ambien [a sleep aid]. on overseas travel", Jackson said.

"This DHS/DOJ report says nothing about terrorism that we didn't know before", Nowrasteh told VOA. "Many Republicans are willing to have a DACA fix", he said.

"Out", Trump said when pressed on a follow-up. Cognitive assessments aren't routine in standard physicals, although they recently became covered in Medicare's annual wellness visits for seniors.

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